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Ramp n' Roll was created by Mihara Naoki and is hosted here with permission.

Here is a worksheet that I used with my students when using Ramp n' Roll.


-Dale Basler

UPDATE (9/18/2016) Some schools have reported having trouble running the Ramp n' Roll JAVA applet. These are settings that are on your school's computers. You may need to work with your IT department to get Ramp n' Roll working. If you cannot get it to work, consider turning to an alternative like Super Ultimate Graphing Challenge.

Start Ramp n' Roll Ramp n'Roll was developed to assist introductory physics students understand the simple motion of ball rolling on a ramp. Its unique user friendly interface helps student with ease of use for usually complex and complicated subjects. Students can change the height of the poles and the planks simply by dragging the mouse to their desired positions. The initial conditions of the ball can also be easily changed by moving the pointers for the initial position and initial velocity to the respective numbers. Then the applet automatically calculates and graphs the positon, velocity and acceleration of the ball all in real time while the ball is rolling.

Start Ramp'n Roll

***NOTE: If you are experiencing a JAVA security error, please review these instructions to fix the error.

How to Use Ramp'n Roll 1.2

Press this button to change conditions.(height of planks, intial position and velocity)
Press this when done changing.
Press this to start the ball rolling.
Press this to stop the ball rolling.
Press this to reset the ball to initial position.
Press this to clear the graph.
Press this to show Postion vs. Time graph.
Press this to show Velocity vs. Time graph.
Press this to show Acceleration vs. Time graph.
Press this to draw graph manually.
Press this to end drawing graph manually.
Press this to draw lines.
Press this to draw parabolas.
Press this to undo drawing.

(browsers that do not fully support Java 1.0.2 or higher may experience difficulty running Ramp n' Roll)